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I'm a writer, filmmaker, and educator whose main professional goal is to look forward to weekdays as much as weekends. I started my professional life by teaching during the day and studying filmmaking at night. Consequently, these two interests grew side by side and began influencing each other. Today, my work as a teacher is centered on helping young creatives find their voice, and my works as a storyteller highlights questioning and learning versus settling.

I create stories that are unapologetically accessible. I enjoy exploring interpersonal boundaries and how fostering authentic and meaningful relationships can lead to self-transformation and the other way around. I try to invite an audience to notice what they have been tolerating and shedding what no longer serves them. I design narratives that encourage full awareness and presence so that time slows down and our life feels lengthened and abundant.

Portrait by @brittillustrates

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"Thais has this incredible way of making readers laugh while making their hearts ache. It was her unique brand of cleverness mixed with poignancy that drew us in. We knew we wanted to work with her."

Annette Christie, author of The Rehearsals 

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Online Creative Writing Workshops, Book Clubs & Tutoring for Young Writers

Designed to foster creativity and self-efficacy in a fun, encouraging environment. Each session is curiosity-led and will examine a different storytelling aspect. We'll discuss story structure, world-building, character creation, and experimenting with mediums. The course aims to empower students to outgrow imposed and self-imposed identity labels while offering a way to practice expression and social-emotional skills in a non-academic safe space. Contact me for availability and rates.

Reader's Report

Sometimes you need a new pair of eyes on your work that will catch details you may have stopped paying attention to a few drafts ago. A reader’s report is meant to provide you unbiased independent professional feedback on your manuscript. It is designed to see your story from a fresh perspective and give you the tools to bring it to the next level. It consists of an edit letter of around five pages that will contain a summary of what is currently working and the areas that need attention. It focuses on plot development, character, and tips to make the book work. I am the strongest fit for stories that can be considered Middle Grade, Young Adult, or Romance. Rate: $2 / page

Media & Storytelling Projects

Do you need help with a project related to Filmmaking, Creative Writing, and/or Education that you believe I would be a good fit for? Let's talk! Some ways I could help with your projects are Manuscript Brainstorm, Editing services, Spanish-English & Portuguese-English translation services; work as a Production Assistant for your film or commercial; Screenwriting and Directing, or any creative project that has a storytelling or pedagogic component. Contact me for a resume and filmmaking reel.

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ISTE Online Teaching Certification

Ensuring Equity and Inclusion in Online Learning, 2020

Let's Talk

I’d love to hear from you, whether you're interested in hiring me, watching my director's reel, pitching me a project idea, collaborating with me, or if you're just curious about my latest obsession.

I am usually drawn to projects that encompass one or both my interests in pedagogy and storytelling. Still, as a generalist and lifelong learner, I am always open to other opportunities.

Please feel free to get in touch. You could use this form, or connect with me via LinkedIn. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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